API 13 5/8" IADC127 Steel Tooth Tricone Rock Bit

Product Description

 API 13 5/8" IADC127 Steel Tooth Tricone Rock Bit

1. Bit size range from 3 7/8"to 26" 
2. Meet with API Spec7-1 Standard. 
3. Open roller bearing or seal bearing
Steel tooth tricone bits sizes range from 3 7/8" to 26" and cover almost all IADC codes. 
The steel tooth bit are always be used in drilling soft or soft-medium formation, using fields like mining, hydrology well drilling, subterranean heat well drilling, water well drilling, oil well drilling, gas well drilling. 
This type of tricone bits have optimal bearing design, it can be working stably in low WOB, and high quality tungsten carbide on suiface of cones and gauge make a good wear resistance, largely extend the working life of bit.

Technical Parameters
                 Drilling ParametersRecommends Drilling Parameters
SizeBlades No.Cutter No.Nozzles No.Gauge LengthAPIRotation SpeedWeight on BitDiameter
8 1/2 "6196~82~36-5/8"60~35025~120+0,-0.51
9 1/2 "6196~82~46-5/8"60~35030~140+0,-0.76
12 1/46196~102~47-5/8"60~30030~200+0,-0.76
17 1/2 "6196~82~34-1/2"60~24025~120+0,-0.38
Remark: Depending on your requirements,we can design and produce all above specification(All sizes 3 1/2"~26").

API 13 5/8


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